Joss Whedon
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"Joseph Hill" ""Joss"" "Whedon" is an

Whedon is notable for his signature dialogue, which features dry self-referential humor and heavy emphasis on subtext. His work is permeated with themes of feminism, anti-authoritarianism, existentialism, and sacrifice/self-sacrifice. He often uses misogyny to define the trait of a villain, and his protagonists tend to be loner heroes who start out Power (social and political)/powerless but then regain control from community in order to fulfill a purpose.

His work in comic books includes Fray, Astonishing X-Men, Serenity comics/Serenity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: After the Fall and Runaways (comics)/Runaways. He is also known for his collaborations in online media. Many of Whedon's projects have cult status.

From a family of screenwriters, he is the grandson of John Whedon, the son of Tom Whedon, and the half brother of Zack Whedon/Zack and Jed Whedon. In May 2013, Whedon was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters from Wesleyan University.

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I don't want the giant ego. I don't want to become Kevin Costner, singing on the soundtrack to The Postman.

I also don't trust Caribou anymore. They're out there, on the tundra, waiting... Something's going down. I'm right about this.

Loneliness is about the scariest thing out there.

"Someone else's loss is my chocolatey goodness".

Buffy loves Angel. He loves her. And I love Ho Hos.

I'm a very hard-line, angry atheist. Yet I am fascinated by the concept of devotion.

Always be yourself... unless you suck.

The thing about a hero, is even when it doesn't look like there's a light at the end of the tunnel, he's going to keep digging, he's going to keep trying to do right and make up for what's gone before, just because that's who he is.