What it is that attracts people is that they're irreverent. In today's world of polished branding campaigns and well-thought-out strategies, they're a little bit fresh. That is very appealing to the average American, especially to the young male.

The company is executing quite well ... but there's nothing that made me jump out of my seat and scream 'Yahoo!'.

As the media business evolves, and companies are looking to mix both content with distribution, Disney must make some changes.

It looks like CBS is putting the 'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show' in a bit of dead spot on Wednesday night. On CBS it replaces 'Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire,' which CBS pulled after five episodes. On NBC, it's competing with 'Law & Order,' which is a good counter but not terrific.

If AOL is going to become a powerhouse again, it needs to return to growth. This is a first step.

[It] makes more financial sense for Disney to do substantial but smaller acquisitions.

This is likely to be the first of many filings. Once they determine what the assets and the cash flow of the other units are, it's reasonable to expect the parent company to file for bankruptcy as well.

Any recommendation that is positive from the commission is very important for the company.

These are unbelievably strong earnings. This may be the strongest quarter that I've seen Disney put out in the last two years.