I guess it gives people a positive story to look at and maybe take their mind off of Katrina. Or maybe it will inspire people to help with the rescue effort and everything like that.

There were a lot of people who care about West Brattleboro and felt like they didn't have a place to vent their concerns.

Jump right into the Atlantic and just kinda relax.

That's probably the main statistic I look at. That means every time you touch the ball, you're moving the chains.

A ll my friends said that if I was going to do it 'Forrest Gump' style, I had to do it forrest gump style. And that meant I couldn't shave. So i had an idea that I'd be a little bit shaggy when I was done.

A jury has found him guilty of conduct against one of the most vulnerable members of his community, an impressionable and immature girl.

All the old thingsare gone nowand the people aredifferent.

We want this to be an open public process.

It's a timing thing, a trust thing. That he'll put it in the right area and that I'll catch it. Just trying to recreate a play.