Jonathan Shapiro
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"Jonathan Shapiro", born 1958 in Cape Town, is a South African cartoonist, famous as "Zapiro", whose work appears in numerous South African publications and has been exhibited internationally on many occasions. He is the nephew of British magician David Berglas and cousin to Marvin Berglas, director of Marvin's Magic.

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Born into poverty, as a 3-year-old dealing with a mother dying of breast cancer, raised by a 12-year-old sibling.

Unless you pull the trigger, plunge the knife, unless your act is the homicidal act, you're not eligible for the death penalty.

It may be a case of bad judgment bordering on stupidity. What Mr. Regan had with him was worthless. It wasn't even classified. It posed no harm to the United States.

It may be a case of bad judgment bordering on stupidity.

A planner, a schemer, and one capable of deception and dangerous results on his own.

We're going to fight the charges strenuously.

We don't intend to ask the reporters to reveal their sources.

The jury is going to carry the baggage of what happened in October back there (the jury room) with them. It is too much of a burden to carry.

Jerry Bruckheimer has been wonderful.