Where I think they are not warranted is in character assassinations.

Obviously their New Year's resolution is to stay positive, and they seem to be doing that. But given the race is a statistical dead heat, there's no question we'll see the Liberals respond.

It's not about everybody signing a petition against climate change that's useless, ... The effort needs to be applied town by town, building by building, so that as an example, we can see the greening of churches, synagogues and mosques, making those buildings themselves more responsible and more economical to operate.

The Hudson is very blessed with an enormous number of religious organizations churches, synagogues, mosques, monasteries and they are the holders of moral solutions, ... We think that the greatest issue of our time is the environment, because that's the issue that can save or destroy us.

Since it's a human act that is creating this change, it is not only a scientific problem, it's a moral problem.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level.

This is certainly one of the most negative ads I've seen in a long time and by far the blackest of the black in this election campaign. It reminds me of some of the most virulent negative ads in the United States.