This game was just like game one. They took the lead from us with three outs left and we couldn't answer in the ninth.

We ended today with some energy, which was good, because we're right back on the horse tomorrow.

I was pleased that we got a lot of players in the game and I was impressed with what I saw from our pitching. Our objective with a predominately Division I preseason is to play against the best opponents we can so we can improve, and it allows us to make better player evaluations against top competition.

It was good to salvage a split today. We're going through a stretch in our season where we are not playing well and it was important to get that last one day.

It was a good outing for Cody, and he had some left. He was ready to go back out if we tied it, and fortunately Dustin took care of that.

We were too passive offensively today until the ninth, when we put up some runs. I was glad to see us come back late. It ended just short of where we needed it to.

You can't do that and expect to win after that inning. We had three outs to come back and it just wasn't enough time. It was a very disappointing way to lose.

After losing that first game the way they lost it, I really felt we lost an opportunity to really gain some momentum early in the (second) game.

I was real proud of the effort we got out of our guys today. We knew we were going to throw a different pitcher every inning and we swapped up the lineup at first, knowing we were going to try and get everybody in we could.