What we tell our maintenance crews who patrol the roads is that if it's reasonable and is not a distraction, they should let it stand.

We wanted to make sure all questions federal highway had were answered and also (that) we could answer questions proposed to us by contractors.

Cities and towns need permission for truck bans.

We would need the other town to vote on it, too, in the interest of equity.

We are doing some final work on them. Basically, the new contract will be starting up (in the summer) as the two existing contracts are winding down.

The lion's share of what will eventually compose the new interchange will be done in 2006.

It allows us to operate in a smarter fashion and to predict which way the pavement temperature is going and when a certain roadway would freeze.

It's a very effective tool in basically looking at issues such as pavement temperature, salinity of the roadway...and makes sure that we have the best intelligence out there.

It will be one of the largest bascule lift bridges in the country.