"Won": 1973 U.S. Open (golf)/1973

/ open = "Won": 1976 Open Championship/1976

/ pga = T11: 1977

/ wghofid = johnny-miller

/ wghofyear = 1996

/ award1 = PGA Player of the Year

/ year1 = 1974 PGA Tour/1974

/ award2 = PGA Tour#Money winners and most wins leaders/PGA Tourleading money winner

/ year2 = 1974 PGA Tour/1974

/ awardssection =


"John Laurence Miller" (born April 29, 1947) is a former professional golfer from the United States. He was one of the top players in the world during the mid-1970s. He was the first to shoot 63 in a Men's major golf championships/major championship to win the 1973 U.S. Open (golf)/1973 U.S. Open, and he ranked second in the world on Mark McCormack's world golf rankings in both 1974 and 1975 behind Jack Nicklaus. Miller won 25 PGA Tour events, including two Men's major golf championships/majors. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1998. He is currently the lead golf analyst for NBC Sports, a position he has held since January 1990. He is also an active golf course architect.

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We are happy with our finish, especially considering that this deal only came together a week ago ... We beat some pretty heady competitors today, and we ran a few guys down. Overall, we're pleased with the effort.

I like the way my wallet feels in them .

We've had an uphill struggle all weekend, so we're really excited we made the race.

If I had been in the gallery, I'd have gone home.

Only one golfer in a thousand grips the club lightly enough. .

It's going to be a busy weekend driving in two different races, ... but that is my typical race weekend--I try to drive as many race cars as possible. I love racing, and I enjoy learning as much as I can to get to the front of the pack.

It's like replacing Bo Derek with Roseanne Barr.

The crew worked hard all weekend. We made a bunch of changes before qualifying, so we'll have a brand-new car for the race. We'll be starting at the back with the likes of Robby Gordon and Boris Said with a setup we haven't tested, so it'll be an eye-opening experience going into turn one.

Nobody ever heard Jack Nicklaus say "I don't know" about anything.