It's remarkably sedate and functioning very well, ... The people have been well behaved and take what they need.

This is the way we do things in Chicago.

He was overzealous, he was going to question this student and if he didn't get a chance to question the student, he was going to remove him from school.

Did it come up? Sure. Some people want him to do it, but as far as we know it is not an option on the table.

It is not an end in itself; rather the beginning of the rebalancing of our portfolio and the building of a less leveraged company that can grow and prosper over the long haul.

It has rejuvenated my faith in mankind in a big way.

By not keeping their commitment, (Michigan ) Gov. (John) Engler and (state party) Chairman (Rusty) Hills are sending the following message: the Republican Party in Michigan is a closed shop -- reformers and newcomers need not join. This does not bode well for our party in the general election in an important battleground state like Michigan.

I am doing what I can do to keep them out of the ER, ... They are inundated.

This deal is a big plus for our company, ... We got the right price at the right time.