John Tory
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"John Howard Tory" is a Canadian politician, the 65th and current List of mayors of Toronto/mayor of Toronto.

After a successful career as a lawyer, political strategist, and businessman, Tory ran as a mayoral candidate in the Toronto municipal election, 2003/2003 Toronto municipal election and lost to David Miller (Canadian politician)/David Miller. Subsequently, from 2004 to 2009, he served as the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, and was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario representing the riding of Dufferin—Peel—Wellington—Grey (provincial electoral district)/Dufferin—Peel—Wellington—Grey from 2005 to 2007.

After his resignation as PC leader in 2009, Tory became a radio talkshow host on CFRB. Despite widespread speculation that he would run for mayor again in Toronto municipal election, 2010/2010, he announced in January that he would not be a candidate. He was the volunteer chair of the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance from 2010 to 2014. On February 24, 2014, he registered as a candidate for the Toronto mayoral election, 2014/2014 mayoral election. On October 27, 2014 John Tory was elected mayor of Toronto, defeating the incumbent mayor's brother Doug Ford Jr./Doug Ford and former councillor Olivia Chow.

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I think his word is in such tatters I'm not sure why we'd believe that calculation.

Somebody should have done their homework to determine whether the plant was eligible or not. If I was the plant (manager), I would be assuming that if they could manage to have a press conference in front of the plant, that I would be eligible for the program.

Since I've been here, which is just a year now, we have been blocked at every turn.

I have no problem with him announcing an ad campaign, although it's the same one we have every year.

One of the tests of leadership in a diverse society is that you not allow issues like this -- which are complex -- to boil over into angry, polarized debates.

Which one of us with our bank manager would get away with predictions that are so wildly off it appears you don't know what's going on?

They insist on having a public relations extravaganza, probably at some cost to the taxpayers . . . to rehash a bunch of old promises (and) make a few new ones.

Simple information requests encounter huge roadblocks or exorbitant costs and there are massive delays in getting information.

People in communities in the north are losing their jobs and this announcement will be little comfort to them.