We had one where he was a little upset. He thought he was being encouraged, in one of the establishments, because the bar maid was giving him an empty beer bottle to use as an ashtray. Otherwise, they take their tickets and stub their cigarettes and take it like anything else.

Pens are most dangerous tools, more sharp by odds Than swords, and cut more keen than whips or rods.

I save 15 to 20 percent fuel money every week purely and simply by using a few simple tips.

National defense is the usual pretext for the policy of fleecing the people.

I love my wife, so I give that money to my wife. She gives it to the kids and the kids go out and waste it.

We have an independent witness coming with us to observe us. What a gig that is. I'd love to have his job.

There's no wound deeper than a pen can give, It makes men living dead, and dead men live.

I think it good plain English, without fraud, To call a spade a spade, a bawd a bawd.

Now, we're going to look at see what was the nature of the service disruption.