John Still
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"John Still", bishop of Bath and Wells, enjoyed considerable fame as a preacher and disputant. He was formerly reputed to be the author of the early English comedy drama Gammer Gurton's Needle (see below).

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It was a fantastic time which almost got them up, but as we've seen in lots of cases if it doesn't work somebody has to pick up the bill.

It's important that our fans have something to look forward to in the latter stages of the season and I'm hoping that's going to be the later rounds of the Trophy. It's hard to have strong opinions when you only see a side twice or three times a season. But I thought they looked a decent side two weeks ago, much better than when we drew 2-2 there in September, when frankly we murdered them.

We view the vote as an overwhelming endorsement of the merger.

I think our somewhat up and down form is due to the fact that several of our players need a rest. Because of our paper-thin squad and because finance restricts us from making loan signings, I have to go with what I've got, but at the tail-end of the season, I think that's costing us.

I cannot eat but little meat - My stomach is not good; but sure I think that I can drink - with him that wears a hood.