If you think about dynasties or traditions —Oklahoma State is close to the top as far as wrestling goes.

He's special, he's in his own world. I see a young man that basically rises to the occasion. He jumps with the crowd. He wants the crowd to get involved with him.

You must obey this now for a Law, that he that will not worke shall not eate (except by sickness he be disabled:) for the labors of thirtie or fortie honest and industrious men shall not be consumed to maintaine an hundred and fiftie idle loyterers.

To have a high-profile celebrity taking the simple step of wearing compression socks to prevent DVT, will help raise awareness of travel-related DVT.

We practically lived there in the summer. Nobody had air conditioning. It was hot and it was the place to be.

He reminds me of how Maurice did that. He showed he deserves to be the Olympic champion, now he's the world champion and he's started to come into his own.

If I had a chance, I would have parked the car in front of the hospital and said, 'I'm not leaving here,'.

I saw it one day when he landed and he almost flipped it over. I think it got caught in the wind or something.

Everything I have is here.