The bill that the president had introduced to the House and Senate just recently is much better than a lot of people are giving it credit for being, ... and I think if it were applied nationally, we would see most of the country with much, much cleaner air right away.

Whether we're alone in this or not, we see a good chance of success, ... We think it will be difficult for the APA to justify its decision based on the hearing record.

We can no longer wait to address this issue. Our business outside of the U.S. is going very well, and non-GM business is growing. This high U.S. legacy cost structure is overtaking the good side of our company.

We continue to view [the firm's] dividend as secure and adequately covered by projected earnings.

We are encouraged that they're continuing with the discount program, but we'll just have to wait to see whether that translates into increased production.

What we really need is a broad approach that looks at every strategy that makes sense.

We believed that it was a prudent measure for us to follow, make sure we had the cash readily available to us to finance our operations should it be needed.

We are ahead of the curve on this.

That's the first Article 78 we've ever had thrown out.