As an attempt to break the union, and at best is simply an unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of the organization. It's like a poison pill.

A lengthy strike by the pilots ? probably anything over 30 days ? would be a disaster. I don't think the pilots would strike with the intention of putting Northwest out of business. Miscalculation. That's the problem.

Northwest may suspect there is some disaffection in the ranks (of AMFA).

Filing for bankruptcy doesn't make this one go away, ... It may make it less urgent to deal with, but the fact of the matter is these guys are still on strike, and they're still hurting Northwest's business to some extent.

Things like the vertical fashion show and our advertising are the 'expect more' piece of it, ... The expect more side of it has made it OK for anyone to come to Target.

It really would elevate the level of conflict.

My perception is Northwest would really like to have those [AMFA] employees back because of their skills, ... to try to force enough people to go back to work to break the strike.

Expect More. Pay Less.