We usually say of ancient persons, that they have already one foot in the grave, and the rest of their life is nothing else but the bringing of these feet together.

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Great was the name of Abraham, but all his Sons were not accepted; only Isaac was in the Covenant.

What reason then can we produce, that the life of a man whom we esteem, should be sorrow to himself, and his death be grief to us?

We didn't have any major problems fumble wise, we didn't have players cramping.

Mortality, and Paternity; the one supposed, the other expressed in the text: Jacob was the Father of Joseph, and that Father dead, and therefore Joseph mourned for him.

In this the similitude is so great, that there is no difference in the nature of the love produced, and that which did produce it.

Thirdly, Death is nothing else but a change of a short and temporary for an unalterable and eternal condition.

First, learn from hence to meditate upon your own Mortality, and be now assured, by this neer and home example, that your self shall die.