John Paul Jones
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"John Paul Jones" was a Scottish American sailor and the United States' first well-known Continental Navy/naval fighter in the American Revolutionary War. Although he made enemies among America's political elites, his actions in British waters during the Revolution earned him an international reputation which persists to this day. As such, he is sometimes referred to as the "Father of the United States Navy" (an epithet he shares with John Barry (naval officer)/John Barry). He later served in the Imperial Russian Navy.

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With Tennessee and North Carolina, I could easily put them No. 1. I thought North Carolina was very impressive in what they did to Connecticut. I've had them in my top three all year. And Tennessee, the way they've destroyed people has really been impressive, too.

It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win.

If fear is cultivated it will become stronger, if faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery.

It wouldn't have taken much to just pop over, would it?

They're not coming to Ruidoso anymore to train, and they elected to send the horse to me. I'm very grateful. That's a great compliment, coming from a guy who's won the All American twice.

An honorable Peace is and always was my first wish! I can take no delight in the effusion of human Blood; but, if this War should continue, I wish to have the most active part in it.

I have not yet begun to fight (as his ship was sinking, 23 September 1779).

Whoever can surprise well must Conquer.

I went with them at the first of the year, mainly because of Augustus and her ability to dominate just about any team. Since they haven't lost, I've kept them up there.

We couldn't ask for a better weekend.

No one up there [in the WWE] could go an hour, 90 minutes, or two hours, like we used to go, Those were some of the best matches I ever had.

This (purchase of shares by Speedy Hire) will certainly start an interest war.

It is by no means enough that an officer be capable...He should be a gentleman of liberal education, refined, manners, punctilious courtesy, and the nicest sense of personal honor... No meritorious act of a subordinate should escape his attention, even if the reward be only one word of approval. Conversely, he should not be blind to a single fault in any subordinate.'

I was trying to watch all three of them. I was focused on the 8 (First Wicked Lady) and then I glanced back because the colt was in the lead. Then I watched him go all the way to the wire.

When a guy is under contract, he fulfils his obligation.

Should I have the good fortune to fall in with him again, I'll make a lord of him.