We have been living like cavemen, sleeping in cars, doing bodily functions outside. And meanwhile we're the victims, and we have families here.

The SEC and the U.S. Attorney are still not done with their investigations, ... So certain other things may come to light.

We have closed down the city, ... I will say it's going to be weeks until the power and other services are restored.

Unless you're going to under-developed part of the world, they're everywhere.

They have all kinds of ways of making you pay.

Don't exchange a lot of money ahead of time. In Europe, credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. I was in Iceland recently and they even take credit cards in taxi cabs.

It's quite doable. Once you get there, Australia is an incredibly good buy. It's hard to believe how good the prices are. You can stay in a really good hotel for about $140 per night, where in Europe, the same hotel would cost about $400 per night.

Traditionally, in previous evacuations, Sabine Pass residents have been reluctant to leave.