They'll cite an incident - that I saw Barney in their ear - or some funny incident.

The Fed's hell-bent on getting rates to 4 percent but after that it needs to take a look at a lot of things. It might be wise to seriously consider stopping.

I'm getting cards and letters every day now.

Bond fund managers don't believe long-term inflation is a significant worry.

Prices are going to go up, period, end of discussion. Energy costs are going through the roof. We still don't know the extent of the impact on building aggregates.

What Tom Vilsack has to do is reach out to the party leaders and say: 'Will you hold this together for me and be there with me and give me the opportunity to spend time in New Hampshire?'

I can't make a determination as to what the intent was, but the purchases were close enough together that we interpreted it to be subject to the bid law.

There is a dollar amount above which you cannot make purchases without bidding, and you can't split purchases in order to avoid reaching that dollar amount.

The Alabama Supreme Court has made that ruling that a commissioner or a board member must be physically present.