We've played (the Hurricanes) before and we know what the can do. But we were able to control (the match) early and that was enough.

For him to use an [attempted] suicide and politicise it is appalling.

Their passing is so clean. We tried to pressure them but they're a very good team.

It's probably in many peoples' minds well overdue.

We really like doing these kind of missions where we're helping our fellow Americans. That's just straight from the heart.

It's like, 'Hey, I'm the guy who just bought the house down here for $340,000. I just paid $600 for this bike. I'll be going to Wal-Mart tonight, and I'll let you know how much I'll be paying for the groceries,'.

We respond better to the stresses and challenges of daily life. We're more creative, use our abilities to the fullest and make the most of opportunities when our mental health is strong.

I know it's all public, that anybody can get this information, but it doesn't feel right. It seems like a little bit of an invasion.

For any minister, let alone the federal health minister who has direct responsibility for the National Suicide Prevention Strategy, to use the tragic circumstances of John Brogden to make a political point is quite outrageous.