Judging by the vanity plates in California - 'Saving More,' 'Low Mileage' - hybrid is a badge of honor that people want to wear. Hydrogen is the path to the future. But, on the way to hydrogen, hybrid is an alternative.

Even though you try to take a position of quiet leadership, there are those times when you need to come out and help that along a little bit. So I think we can probably be a little bit more upfront.

I'd rather see GM healthy. I'd rather see Ford healthy. I think it's hard on the industry when you've got competitors that are in crisis. It's not good for our business. It's not good for their business.

We've listened to our customers and added the features they told us they wanted. The Accord Hybrid is unique in that it delivers performance and environmental responsibility without compromising one for the other.

We're still the only manufacturer that's actually delivered a hydrogen vehicle (an FCX) to a customer.

It is a car worthy of its legacy.

I can't remember when it wasn't really a rough year.

The large interior adapts to people or cargo like no other car in its class.

I believe it's constantly good to be paranoid. If I'm not worried about Toyota (Motor Corp.) or the Koreans, I'm worried about the Chinese. I think that sets up a pretty good framework for how you need to operate.