"John Mason Brown" was an United States/American drama critic and author.

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I am ready any time. Do not keep me waiting.

She knows what is the best purpose of education: not to be frightened by the best but to treat it as part of daily life.

You had a change two years ago in the chief executive, so you had a change at the top in terms of direction. He is a careful man but favors expansion.

It's really too dangerous to have people in the sea with the whales.

The aim of education should be to convert the mind into living fountain, and not a reservoir.

The wise man has his foibles, as well as the fool. But the difference between them is, that the foibles of the one are known to himself and concealed from the world; and the foibles of the other are known to the world and concealed from himself.

How prophetic L'Enfant was when he laid out Washington as a city that goes around in circles!

A good conversationalist is not one who remembers what was said, but says what someone wants to remember.

He stood for what he believed.

We have reached a lot of families who were made homeless by the earthquake. But there are still enormous numbers of people that will require warm bedding and protection from the fierce winter weather if we're to avert another humanitarian crisis.

When the cost curve comes down and the standards stabilize, the third generation of DVD-RAM is probably going to become dominant.

The comic book [is] the marijuana of the nursery, the bane of the bassinet, the horror of the home, the curse of the kids and a threat to the future.

They like to put their toe on the bridge before they put their foot on the bridge.

We've got wet sheets and blankets over them and we're pouring water over those to keep the animals wet and cool.

The critic is a man who prefers the indolence of opinion to the trials of action.

Reasoning with a child is fine, if you can reach the child's reason without destroying your own.

Friendship should be a private pleasure, not a public boast. I loathe those braggarts who are forever trying to invest themselves with importance by calling important people by their first names in or out of print. Such first-naming for effect makes me cringe.

He played the king as if afraid someone else would play the ace.

America is a land where men govern, but women rule.