They look the same, you dumb shit.

The measures undertaken earlier this year have enabled us to keep the business in good shape during a difficult six months in UK retail.

Everybody knows her and says hi. She's a rock star.

Two days of urgent and delicate diplomacy face the president.

She seems to be really serious about her job sometimes, but as soon as you take her vest off and give her a ball, she'll be really playful.

Comply with all of your commitments to the United Nations or face military strikes.

Dream Catchers gives you license to be selfish if you want to be, ... So many people get caught up in day-to-day living and put their dreams on hold indefinitely. The program is supposed to be a kick in the ass.

How can you not act? How can you not adopt a tough new resolution in the face of this 11-year history?

Definitely noticed the improvements ... fewer potholes, fewer cobbled streets, more highways, more bridges. It makes traveling easier of course, and quicker.