If you put revenues, expenses for marketing, book value in a horse race, revenues lose. It doesn't have any importance in separating companies out.

What can I say? ... You never can predict. You never know about any one melon until you cut into it. You put in all the work, but you don't know until the last minute if you have a good crop.

It sends a message that we're for real this year. I think we've got a good squad.

In fact, that's not true.

The Saticoy seed is available commercially, ... We don't have a corner on the market.

It's not all madness. There is some method there, ... I don't know how much; that's very hard to calibrate. But it's not all crazy.

The reason it happens is the accounting is very bad.

It kind of blows our minds sometimes, ... We look at each other and say, 'It's just a melon, right?'