All else being equal, past officeholders ought to have an advantage, but all things are rarely equal.

It's really hard to tell whether this will be a blip on the radar screen or whether it reflects a deep change in public opinion. A lot will depend to what extent Sheehan and her vigil link up with the disquiet we're seeing in public polls, especially with the people who haven't been opposed to the war in the past.

Sawyer lost despite being the stronger candidate in terms of experience.

Many Americans think these religious ideas should be taught in school because they believe them and they're true. But a lot of Americans say that because they think it's fair.

For most of the 20th century, the secular perspective moved forward and was in the ascendancy. Recently however, conservative Christians have been on the offensive, recovering some of that lost ground.

Politicians from those communities each think that they can win.

For many years, the Taft name in Ohio has been greatly respected. The Tafts were men of sober and conservative temperament. They were somewhat seen as stodgy, but they were men of principle and integrity.

The Catholic hierarchy has become more conservative. What we don't know is whether [Catholic voters] will become increasingly conservative, or ... stay swing voters.

The car caught fire. From what I understand it just went up the side of the house.