Lee's set of experiences as a former professional player, scout, and coach has allowed him to make a successful transition to a manager. His knowledge of the game, first hand experiences, and ability to communicate enable him to be an effective leader of young developing players.

He's come along very quickly. He could possibly move to the next two levels next season, so that tells you what we think of him.

We feel he still can benefit from innings at the Triple-A level. Whether that's 10 starts or 15 starts, it's not a predetermined number. We were fortunate last year in that a sixth starter was only needed [in the big leagues] on a few occasions. At some point, provided the opportunity arises and the need is there, I think Jeremy Sowers will be ready.

The issue is not temporary, but has been growing over time.

This kid is only 19 years old? ... Unbelievable.

Ruben has a complete understanding of our development approach and proven ability to communicate and nurture this process. His extensive knowledge of delivery mechanics and effective teaching techniques has made an impact on a number of pitchers at all levels of the organization.

This virus is deadly to some birds, but not all birds, so some birds can carry it and appear healthy. What do people need to know, number one, is there's no reason for panic.

We just don't want dangerous, psychiatric people.

He could be a valuable player coming off the bench for us.