John Elway
FameRank: 6

"As player:"

*Denver Broncos (–)



*Colorado Crush (–)(CEO/Co-Owner)

*Denver Broncos (?)

(Executive Vice President of Football Operations)

*Denver Broncos (?present)

(General Manager/Executive Vice President of Football Operations)





/statlabel3=Passer rating/QB Rating





* Consensus All-American (1982)

* Pop Warner Trophy (1982)

* Pacific-12 Conference football awards/Pac-10 Player of the Year (1982)

* Sammy Baugh Trophy (1982)

* Stanford Cardinal football#Retired numbers/Stanford Cardinal #7 retired

* College Football Hall of Fame inductee (2000)


* 2× Super Bowl champion (Super Bowl XXXII/XXXII, Super Bowl XXXIII/XXXIII)

* Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award/Super Bowl MVP (Super Bowl XXXIII/XXXIII)

* 5× American Football Conference/AFC Champion (1986, 1987, 1989, 1997, 1998)

* 9× Pro Bowl selection (1987 Pro Bowl/1986, 1988 Pro Bowl/1987, 1990 Pro Bowl/1989, 1992 Pro Bowl/1991, 1994 Pro Bowl/1993, 1995 Pro Bowl/1994, 1997 Pro Bowl/1996, 1998 Pro Bowl/1997, 1999 Pro Bowl/1998)

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We're excited to be teaming with Fox Sports Net Rocky Mountain to bring Crush games to our fans. We are looking forward to a long partnership that we feel will benefit both entities. In addition, we are glad to build on the AFL's already strong national relationship with FSN by working together with Fox Sports Net Rocky Mountain.

Reaching this number so quickly is truly a testament to Crush fans who have been so loyal and supportive of this team from day one. It is our goal as an organization to make sure this team is something that Crush fans can be proud of both on and off the field.

I would get a sour taste in my mouth and experience heartburn quite often, so I took antacids. But as time went on, the antacids helped less and less. For a long time, I tried to take care of the problem before the problem finally got so bad that I went to see a doctor.

I was definitely on Eli's side. Why is there the perception of being a spoiled brat? If you've got some talent and you're in demand, why not try to go someplace where you can be happy?

Poker is a game everybody can play.

That place ain't loud anymore. It might be too comfortable.

I finally got to the point during the season when at lunch I couldn't swallow. I had heartburn for quite a while, but it just kept getting worse and worse. When I couldn't swallow and food was actually coming back up, I knew the problem was more than simple heartburn.