The saddest thing to me is closing after all this time.

A lot of this stuff was used to barter for drugs.

We brought her in to housebreak her and the customers fell in love with her.

We wrote out 100 property tags.

This is a Wal-Mart of drug paraphernalia and other hardware.

He fought for this community, ... And whether he succeeded or not, whether each task he took on was successful or not, it was the fight that was important — that 'By God, I stood up for my community and fought for 'em, and I'll do it next time too.'

You can do three things with a fixer-upper: You can buy it to live in it. You can fix it and flip it. Or you can fix it and rent it out. I've done all three, and all three have worked for me.

They (the handguns) were loaded and pretty much laying around the house.