You can sit around at a show and look at cars, ... but if a cute-looking guy comes along, you can look at him, too.

He wanted to play last week and perhaps he could have, ... But we wanted to make sure he had a full week of practice before he played. Now he's had that.

When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?

I told him, 'You know, you have to be positive about this. Just do what the trainers tell you, and who knows?' ... Pretty soon, they started thinking it wasn't as bad as they thought. He had a good outlook and has come back extremely quick from something that severe.

When they go to market and try to sell their computer systems, it's more expensive then [the systems from] the companies using pirated software, so it makes it harder for them to compete, ... They came back and said, 'You really have to help us.'

A single annual meeting reflects the reality of the market. Attendance at the recent European COMMON was dismal. A single, annual event, coupled with important changes to the venue and purpose, might encourage ASNA to attend a future event.

We really have to maximize the engagement of the public in this enterprise. There will never be enough county employees to properly perform the task. We have to constantly be seeking ways to engage the community.