There's been improvement in a lot of areas. It's not 100 percent, and not every hotel is doing well, but we can take some comfort in that improvement.

I like the idea of making sure parents are informed. If comprehensive sex education is what they want, fine. It will be the responsibility for the school district to sell the program and why it is important.

No one has ever committed as much as we have to the process.

My whole objective is that parents are involved. There are some programs that we've heard about, and I don't think parents know everything that's being taught.

This is great for science. It gets rid of a lot of the dogma that is taught in science class today.

When it comes down to it the city made the law and they need look at it how it's affecting college students in a negative, they're being put out on the street.

I don't think it will be a stumbling block. The city is supportive of the project. But, we aren't taking anything for granted.

In the last four months, it's happened three times, just out of the blue, so we have a feeling the retail market is ready to be downtown. The retailers are the ones calling.

We're less than 1 percent behind last year, at this point.