I just missed being out there with all my friends and having fun playing on Friday nights. I kind of felt bad for the guys when they lost. I kind of felt like I should be out there helping them.

She had neither seen it nor knew anything about the notices.

It's a lot different than my freshman year. I just had to play quarterback. This year I have to know the defensive and offensive plays, all the special teams; there's not room for error. I have to know a lot. It's kind of fun getting to play a lot of positions.

That's one of the main reasons I came back.

I'm not at all surprised that the rebels are not accepting the peace deal. Why should they? It's never going to be implemented. The government is just going to undermine it every way they can.

People weren't notified soon enough then they were given the impression it affected them when it didn'tñ it was sheer carelessness and incompetence on the part of the city. Unfortunately, these things are becoming more common since amalgamation. The problem is it's all controlled from a central location and they (city staff) don't the areas.