In our district, we?re teaching the younger grades in five buildings and they are too small to be able to accomplish the things we?re talking about doing here.

It was not the result of any information we received but was an unannounced locker search.

As a parent, I would appreciate any information about my child that I thought was going to be helpful to ensure my child was healthy.

A number of members of our local government, administration and local clergy will all go in and be guest readers.

Similar problems are faced in every household, but this is on a much larger scale.

But as a district, we?re not too small and we?re not too big to try this, we?re just about right.

In fact, you could argue that the money for these machines could come out of the 2006/07 budget because that's when they're going to be put to full use, but the district decided we wanted to get them into teachers hands now to give them a jump on the learning curve.