The law is not for those who do the right thing, but there are people who are not responsible parents.

This hardened enemy are the same type of people that executed the events of 11 September. It's obvious ... that they're not just peasants.

We have a lot of groupies - a lot of fans. When people walk by they'll see us and come in and just start juggling.

We are in desperate need of immediate help. For most of us, the profit margin has become nonexistent.

It's possible. We'll have to see what happens. I do know I want to stay in one place for awhile.

I don't see why we should go out there and settle for anything less.

When the opportunity came up to do this I was just thrilled. It is a wonderful play in that it is so timeless.

You would hope [that wouldn't be the case].

For the first time since I started in this business 21 years ago, I have not only felt uninspired, but I've also felt discouraged.