Some guys are willing to pawn all kinds of things to make ends meet, because if you're not equipped to have a second plan, then it's drastic. Some guys can do it, and for some it's a really harsh reality, because all you've done is play football. And then you couple that with relationship and kids? Man, that's tough. You've really got to be a man about it and find a way to bring that income home.

You've got to sit back and take it in and understand there's a reason why he is the way he is. All the good ones seem to be that way. It might be harsh, it might not be the best thing to take as a player, but all in all, these coaches, their best interest is for you to succeed.

When you pride yourself on this, ... and it's our philosophy to stop the run, it really hurts. It's embarrassing, really. When you're in this system that is built around dominating the run, it's unacceptable and it's embarrassing.

Both teams were going all out and it could have gone either way. Karma or not, shoot, we just relish the fact that it went our way.

We have to try to minimize Shaun's opportunities by getting as many bodies as we can around him. Other than not having a cape on, he has been a super-stud all season. We are trying to make sure everybody is playing out their role to the fullest in terms of technique and being where they need to be. And we'll take our chances.

It's all about character, hard work and staying persistent. Sometimes, things aren't going to fall your way. But so long as a team comes together, plays together and plays hard for each other, we know we'll get our chance.

The reality is, what are you going to do next?