I think people do have to remember our goal is economic development, and to me, that says a lot. These people make things happen. They don't sit back and wait.

It is not a for-profit bill - it is a for-safety bill.

He has so much potential and so much upside. Everywhere he has gone, he has improved immediately. Before you know it, he was an All-American.

We heard from one family that is having prescription problems because their pharmacy closed down in New Orleans. We're going to be seeing a lot of unique situations.

His velocity is so much better this spring than it was before. You can see the work ethic is paying off for him in a lot of ways.

I get flooded with e-mails from people, and you get a sense of the desperation, ... People have been traumatized by the last 15 years of downsizing and the last few years of recession. Everyone's afraid they'll be next.

We're going to see him take some leaps here.

We already have one family set up in emergency housing, ... and my office has received a lot of phone calls from others. There is no doubt that more and more people will be showing up.