Joe Paterno
FameRank: 8

"Joseph Vincent" ""Joe"" "Paterno", sometimes referred to as ""JoePa"", was an American college football player and coach who was the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions football/Penn State Nittany Lions from 1966 to 2011. With 409 victories, Paterno is the winningest coach in NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision/FBS history. His career ended with his dismissal from the team as a result of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal.

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Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won't taste good.

Publicity is like poison; it doesn't hurt unless you swallow it.

Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks.

You have to perform at a consistently higher level than others. That's the mark of a true professional.

Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things.

The minute you think you've got it made, disaster is just around the corner.

Losing a game is heartbreaking. Losing your sense of excellence or worth is a tragedy.

You need to play with supreme confidence, or else you'll lose again, and then losing becomes a habit.

The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.