Last year was a good experience, but we want to go to the states again this year. Me and my teammates all trust each other. I trust them to get me past the line, and they trust me to do my job once I get past it.

51 percent of the people in this city don't think you're qualified to run this city, and we don't think so either.

Me and the team want to win the state championship. We want to go undefeated this year and show the state what Southside football is all about.

My favorite school is UNC. But I would be happy to play for any school that could at least offer me a partial scholarship.

Last year's game versus Plymouth was my best game. It was the first time I scored five touchdowns in one game.

When I'm not playing football, I'm usually studying. I want to go to college, so I got to keep reading books and doing my homework.

After is too late.

New year, same goal.

One of the camps I went to was the Shrine Bowl Camp. I think I got some recognition. I had the number one vertical jump (36 inches) and the second fastest shuttle time while I was there.