We took the air out of the ball a little bit in the last few minutes.

We're not trying to completely kill the clock at that point. But we did show patience. You're just hoping the other team makes a mistake.

They can not return any money back because the money has been turned into B&B Productions.

Do not blame the local groups for B&B productions mishap.

We knew Windsor was going to bring that hustle game at us. We were ready for it, but it still gave us lots of trouble.

They just lit it up in that quarter. They closed the quarter with a 12-0 run and they lit it up from 3-point land.

It wasn't a delay, but we certainly became more deliberate, looking for the good shot as we spread the floor.

They both played four solid quarters.

They dominated us on the boards in the first half so we concentrated on that in the second half. We didn't own the boards but we didn't give them those second shots they were getting in the first half. We played tougher defense. I think our man-to-man prevailed.