We help in any way we can without leaving South Carolina in jeopardy.

We don?t think it?s a done deal yet. It?s moving really slow so we have to hang with it. But there is some expectation it will move toward the coast.

South Carolinians would prefer we not be atop that list again.

Yesterday we increased our condition level to four. We're one step from the bottom, an increased state of readiness, and could increase more.

We want to be sure people in South Carolina are paying attention to the storm. We wouldn't want anyone in South Carolina to be caught off guard.

We want to sure that if that storm hits South Carolina, people will have ample time to get out of its way.

You're asking us to give you lessons learned when class is still in session.

It's been a difficult storm to follow. We're keeping a close watch on it and we want people in South Carolina to watch us.