He has so dramatically improved. He's a very intelligent kid, one of the top students in his class. He works very hard at it. He's played all year-round this last year, gone to tournaments and worked hard. His mental toughness and some pretty good strokes have helped him climb the ladder.

We would love to have a packed house for a lot of different reasons, but for those that can't come, we recognize there will be some hardships here and we will address those on a case-by-case basis.

The No. 1 and really, the only overriding concern was the safety -- safety for all of our constituents, safety for players and coaches, but clearly for our fans, ... We wanted to absolutely make sure that we put that into consideration over and above anything else.

It's inconvenient, no question. But it's also an adventure.

Beyond anything else, we definitely would like to hear a nice, loud crowd.

When we announced we had signed the agreement with the Orange Bowl to extend the contract for eight to 12 years, we said Dolphins Stadium was going to be the premier site for major sporting events in the U.S.. We're doing everything we can to basically make it a brand-new stadium.

That was a huge win.

Nobody's going to roll over for you, and everybody is going to come out and play you hard. They know what they are facing.