Jocelyn Thibault
FameRank: 4

"Joseph Regis Jocelyn Thibault (Tee-BOW)" (born January 12, 1975) is a retired Canada/Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who played 14 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres. Thibault was born in Montreal, Quebec, but grew up in Laval, Quebec.

He led a group out of Sherbrooke, Quebec to create an expansion team in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League/QMJHL. The new team, Sherbrooke Phoenix, started playing in the 2012–13 QMJHL season/2012–13 season.

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He may be a rookie, but he looks like a 10-year veteran to me. You hear things about people before you see them. You have to see them [to see if it's true], and what I've heard so far seems to be true.

There was nothing to prevent the last goal. I played it perfectly. I read the pass for the one-timer and came across perfectly. It's frustrating to sit here and talk about it. We got a big point. It's frustrating, but there was nothing I could have done differently.

I thought it was way over the net, and it kind of dropped. I heard it hit the cross bar, and I thought it was wide. And all of a sudden, it's in.

There is a difference but I don't think it's going to be a big deal. I have been using the new equipment since the summer. I got used to it pretty well. It will be different, but we're all on the same playing field.

The toughest part is to be able to execute in the game without thinking. When you're not playing a lot, you have to take drills in practice like they were games, just because you want to be able to go out there and not think, just play.

One thing I have noticed, it's going to help me a little bit. I feel like I am little quicker with thinner pads and smaller gloves.

We weren't happy with the way we've played the last little while. We wanted to turn it around tonight, and we did a good job. It's good to see us play a solid game like that.

I'm speechless. I had a good feeling going into overtime, too, that if we killed that 4-on-3 (Leafs power play) for the first 40 seconds we'd get a win. Even going to a shootout I felt my chances were pretty good. We lost in a tough way. But it was a good game for me to build on. The next win will be even sweeter I guess.