Jo Frost
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"Joanne "Jo" Frost" is an English nanny and television personality. She was the central figure of the reality television program Supernanny. She has written three books on childcare and began her work experience in 1989. Since April 2014, she has fronted ITV (TV channel)/ITV tabloid show Jo Frost: Family Matters.

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I've gone to a couple of bars with some of production on my day off. I've been around to the malls.

As much as it will be sad to leave, it's a good thing because they realize what they need to do to carry on the advice I've given them.

Auntie Jo Jo, it's going to be perfect.

Their issue is separation. The father works in Kansas City, and the mother is home looking after the triplets. They need a more consistent and actual routine in their lives. The children have aggressive behavior and no discipline.

I've also just gone out in the car because it's so vast here. Just drive, play some music and just drive.

I beg to differ with the word dysfunctional. The families I work with have issues that many families can relate to.

I've been looking for the yellow brick road and I can't find it.