She'll be in every episode.

Alias is, perhaps typically, a puzzle this year, ... The Vaughn storyline is not what it seems, but that's all I can say, or the writers will kill me. They know where I live.

Watch the behaviour of the actors.

I've been dying to work with Simon since I saw Shaun of the Dead.

I think if you like Lost, there is very much a mood that you'll see consistent in this film.

I couldn't believe it, ... I started on a Monday and turned in the outline on a Friday. On the Saturday they called and said, 'OK, we're making it.'

That was an incredible challenge, ... Though the lack of development was one of the greatest assets for Lost - we didn't have time to second-guess what we were doing and sanitise it into a more middle-ground story. When it aired it ended up getting three times the audience they expected. It was mind-numbing - I just couldn't believe it.