"James "Jim" Popp" is the general manager of the Montreal Alouettes football club of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Popp has won four Grey Cups (1995 Grey Cup/1995 with the Baltimore Stallions; 2002 Grey Cup/2002, 2009 Grey Cup/2009, and 98th Grey Cup/2010 with the Montreal Alouettes) and his teams have appeared in 10 Grey Cups (eight over the past decade).

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That is about as far as it has got. There is nothing to it beyond that.

We will do a structural analysis of the buildings and keep as many as we can.

I can specifically remember the day I worked him out and he was a tremendous talent. He was a tremendous success in 1995 and helped us win the Grey Cup.

This was a long time coming. The board showed a lot of patience. This is huge for the community. There is no prettier piece property that I know of.

All the downtown buildings experienced increases in (property tax) value, and that gets (the owners') attention.

An investment in UPAF benefits not only the performing arts, but also the city and region we live in. Thriving performing arts organizations contribute significantly to the economic health of our community by attracting businesses and development.

I'm glad Scott wants to be with us. That's very important to us because we don't want to have to constantly entice someone to stay with us, we want guys that want to play for us and he answered that question right away.