If enough consumers download these programs, then the marketers who are trying to use pop-ups to advertise will see that they are not able to serve any of them because they're being blocked, and then they'll try to find the next idea and tactic.

I think that's why you're seeing some of the leading fortune 500 companies picking up on them.

Rightly or wrongly, advertisers have concluded that a little rectangular banner is simply not intrusive enough, and it's too easy for consumers to just mentally block them out.

The impact of a pop-up is relatively crude and relatively negative.

And what we saw in 2001 was marketers cut back dramatically in online advertising. There were a number of responses to that, and one of them was pop-ups.

Publishers now really need revenue, and so they're going to push as far as they can until consumers push back and say 'Stop!' ... That's where the self-correcting aspect of the market will bring things back into line, when they push things too far.