"Jim Long" is an Irish-American entrepreneur, whose pioneering marketing concepts and creative “firsts” are iconic in the broadcast music industry.

Experienced in the development of intellectual properties, his business holdings have focused on music production, master recordings, Music publisher (popular music)/music publishing, and broadcast licensing and broadcast syndication/syndication for the radio, television and film industries.

Long founded/co-founded numerous broadcast and radio syndication companies, including Dallas based TM Productions/Starr Broadcasting, FirstCom/Jim Long Music, Long-Pride Broadcasting, and a Nashville, Tennessee/Nashville based music and publishing group, OneMusic.

At various times, he has also held owner interest in 19 radio and TV stations throughout the U.S. His record label, Honest Entertainment, has produced Grammy-nominated albums, and he has numerous awards from the advertising and broadcast industries.

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I'm addicted. They should pay the billion dollars and get it over with.

Portability will be solved this year.

We felt that what we could do mutually, would be to share with each other what we can do to save energy, which saves money.

We believe that from an engineering standpoint that a [liquid oxygen]-methane engine is achievable with most of the risk being cost and schedule, ... The greater part of the technical risk is in the tank and feed system.

Even where all that building is going on there aren't kids coming out of those homes.

Napster and music is the first big battleground for digital media on the Internet; clearly it's a preamble to what will happen ... with movies.

We've got people here from Florida; we got people from South Carolina -- so it's a combination.

The message that a well-administered pay-for-performance system articulates is clear: It pays to be a high performer.