There's a couple more things to work out with that, mainly with the FedEx points and where we sit with that program. We're hoping to get that contract soon, meet here and discuss what we need to do and send that right back to the tour.

Students who can't afford textbooks now are forced to make some tough decisions, such as picking and choosing which books are more important, or just not purchasing books for a semester. It seems relatively simple, but it makes a huge difference, especially to those students who struggle to afford their textbooks each semester.

When you see the fan going, it's tilted downward so it'll pull some of the air down and distribute it through the orchard and hopefully increase the temp a couple degrees. Sometimes a couple degrees is all the difference in the world between saving and losing some of the crops.

The Drivers are doing good, sales are doing good. We just did a huge mailing for volunteers and got good response from that. We're ahead of where we've ever been.

We offered it to her in November. Golf Week said she was leaning on accepting it, but I want to hear it from her father.

It's just really trying to cater to them specifically, trying to do something special for a special customer.

We're going to be on the schedule next year. I the near future - and I mean real near future - we'll get offered a contract for the next six years.

We had some good requests and tried to spread it around. My happiest day will be when we are able to honor every request. We weren't able to do that.