We're addressing heart health, we're addressing obesity. Products like Smart Start and Kashi are dealing with that.

Kellogg Company is very committed to delivering shareholder value. Consequently, we are pleased to announce the repurchase of these shares from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Trust. Our Company's operating principles focus the entire organization on generating cash flow and creating the financial flexibility necessary for us to complete significant transactions such as this.

Our market-share positions across categories and regions continue to strengthen.

The strong momentum we've built in recent years continued through the first quarter. We exceeded our growth targets, made significant investment in our businesses, and overcame continued cost pressures. These results again demonstrate the strength and flexibility of our business model.

We are not into hype, but not to categorize 2005 as our strongest performance year since our turnaround would be too much of an understatement.

You're right. We should abolish the IRS.

Sure, we could drive stock prices up for one quarter or two quarters, but that's not the best thing for the company or its shareholders. The pain of sustainability is far better than the agony of the rubber band breaking.

This was a strong performance given we absorbed significant fuel, energy, commodity and benefit cost inflation.