This is our home. I really question if we could have done this business anywhere else.

James said he saw something on a cable channel about how cheap AIDS drugs are now. He thought it was too bad we couldn't get the drugs to children in Africa where it's such a problem and he wished we could do something about that.

He was thorough and quiet. When he was thinking things over, he would sit there and look at you and chew on that pipe.

People like to get their medicine here.

It's hard to keep the infrastructure working during a time like that. People don't know what a hard time that is for a mayor.

People don't have to wait here. She has a good method. If they're a regular customer, we already have their prescription filled.

Both of them flushed the AIDS antibodies out of their systems long ago.

The numbers are down here (in the United States) for HIV and AIDS babies, thank goodness, but it's an epidemic there.

It's a fair outcome to a very difficult trial. The jury was attentive and took their duties very seriously. This is a tragedy for both families.