It's just good to be outside and kind of figure out where you're at. We haven't seen them in a meet for five weeks.

Coach Bryant told us the fact that we didn't have any votes on the East Coast was his fault. We didn't have the integration of other teams.

There's nothing like it West Ashley.

Katie wasn't very far off her school record (3,254). Katie had a pretty hard week. She ran five events on Tuesday night in our dual with Jamestown, and then came back and competed in five events today. If Katie isn't sore tomorrow, I don't know if she will ever be. That was a good score for her today considering how much she's competed this week.

Usually the conference meet comes down to how you qualify for the finals in the running events. For the most part, we did pretty well. There was one event where I thought we should've qualified and didn't. But for the most part, the kids I expected to be in the top eight, they were.

Thank you for this consideration of the residents.

Our women's team is just not where it needs to be to compete in the Ohio Valley Conference. We need to move forward in our women's basketball program. Having said that, we need to make sure our coaches and players understand we are not going to compete at the mid-tier level or below in the OVC.

It was cold and cloudy and as the day went on it got nicer. I thought our running event marks got better as the day went on.